Happy New Year and all that

2015 went by in a flash! The Bow Ties want to send you and yours wishes of a great, prosperous and music filled 2016!! We are planning on doing some fun events and shows this year and hope that you will come with us! 

First thing you should know, we are moving our monthly Amnesia show to the Second Monday of the Month. The nights show is generally preceded by the Amnesia Pick an open bluegrass pick/jam. It's generally a nice crowd of experience and intermediate players but beginners are welcome too! On occasion we'll have an opening act, but most of the time it will be us from 9pm on ready to get off road! We have also politely withdrawn our Second Tuesday spot at the Hall on Market Street. This was a great gig, but very challenging for us to get to on time with our day jobs and all. But if you are ever in the neighborhood, you should check out the spot! They have mini-restaurants offering local specialties with a wine and beer bar. They often do fundraisers for local non-profits too, so they are supporting local groups which is always a great thing.

Not much else to report, except we are really excited to do some woodshedding this year and just have a good time with bluegrass. We are grateful for all of our friends and family that have supported us over the last year. And also thank you to all the kind folks that had us over to play their weddings, parties and other events. You are also keeping the gospel of bluegrass alive and well!! Here's to another great year!