Let's Pick

When we talk about bluegrass to non-bluegrass people sometimes it can seem like we are in some kind of weird cult. We often tell them what a great community of people there is in bluegrass. As one friend put it, "it's like finding the fountain of youth." Relationships that we build within this musical community will no doubt last a lifetime. We have the ability to come together to play music. Whether you are evangelical Christian, Atheist, Dish Washer, Spiritual, Office Manager, Green, Transgender, Banjo player, Jewish....you get the point. It's about the music. It's about the relationships that we build together with the common bond of this music. Bluegrass music has surpassed generations of rock 'n roll, Elvis (whoever thought bluegrass could make it after Elvis?!), the 80's, Miley Cyrus naked on a big iron ball. There is something special about this music. And that is why we believe it is important our community is open minded, accepting, diverse and inclusive of everyone and anyone. 

If you believe that too, please take a moment to support #BluegrassPride, a float in this years SF Pride Parade. This will most definitely be the most widely viewed bluegrass performance in history. Check out the links below and consider donating to the float expenses. 

Bluegrass is for everyone. And we are with #BluegrassPride  


This is also a good time to become a member of the California Bluegrass Association. Follow the link below to become a member. https://www.cbaweb.org/About/Join