So Long to Summer

2015 is wrapping up nicely. It seems as the years go by, they just seem to be going by faster and faster. This year we've been all over California for festivals, weddings, camping and any other kind of trouble we can get ourselves into. 

In August we released our first self-titled EP, recorded, mixed and mastered by our good friend  Nino Moschella over at Bird & Egg Studios. The seven track EP features some of our favorites songs and one mandolin tune by Bill Monroe, one of his later masterpieces, Jekyll Island. We've been having fun working on three part harmonies, as any bluegrasser knows, singing with others is just about the most fun you can have with your clothes on. We had two different hats designed. One is a classic trucker style with our stars and stripes logo and the other a "mossy oak" camo pattern with the antler logo. Something for everyone. 

Late summer has us all over the Bay Area doing weddings in some of the most beautiful landscapes. We are blessed to have such natural beauty close to us. It's so nice to know how much bluegrass is appreciated in the hearts of so many people. 

We've got our two monthly gigs: First Mondays at Amnesia in the Mission District and Second Tuesdays at The Hall on Market Street. Please come by and say hello sometime. We'll have our EP and hats for sale.

2016 is going to be a really fun year for us. We've got some great tours and festivals on the books. Looking forward to spreading the gospel of bluegrass.


2015 A New Year of Bluegrass

It seems like everyone agrees on one thing: last year went by too quickly. After so many years of knowing each other and playing together, we decided to put this band together. And with a whole year ahead of us, we are super stoked to get out there and spread the good word of bluegrass. Currently we have a monthly gig at Amnesia, which if you don't know is SF's home to bluegrass music for many years now. The owner Shawn has a profound respect for American roots music of all kinds and he graciously offers his stage every Monday for free bluegrass music. The Alabama Bow Ties are very happy to be bringing music to the people every first Monday of the month at Amnesia. If you are a bluegrass picker, you should make Amnesia one of your go-to spots. Sometimes there are open jams before the performances, there are happy hours with a great mix of bluegrass and early country LPs...it's is just a fantastic place. 

With a few more shows sprinkled in here and there, we will also be doing a regular monthly gig starting in May at The Hall on Market Street. This is a new venue and restaurant pop-up spot that is temporarily taking the space of the old Hollywood Billiards. The location sat empty for nearly ten years. But since The Hall opened there has been a considerable increase in foot traffic in the area and it should be great to bridge the gap between the shopping districts downtown to the Civic Center area and beyond.

Of course you can follow us on all the social networking sites, so please do. Thank you for checking us, we look forward to a great year of bluegrass and making new friends.